Selling Your Home During January

This is a guest post by Real Estate Agent Peter Taliangis

Selling your home in January is a great idea. It is often one of the busiest times of the year.


  • You have more time to get your home ready
  • People have more time to look
  • People have more time to move
  • People are often already on holidays
  • People often set deadlines for work, school and business to ensure they are in their new home by a certain date.

Here’s what you should do to be ready for a New Year sale

  1. Do the renovations and odd jobs that need to be done
  2. Start watching the market look for signs of improvement
  3. Call me, your favourite real estate agent (get me to appraise and assess your home)
  4. Make sure your agent has got a multi-tiered marketing campaign to find buyers
  5. Make sure you have a marketing strategy for January as things tend to go a little quieter
  6. Make sure you set a realistic price and your property presents as well as possible

When you sell there’s one really important thing to remember:

Allow approximately 7 weeks for your settlement – particularly if it involves finance. You have to be prepared for settlement agents, banks, building inspectors and termite inspectors to be on holidays during the Christmas holiday period.

If you’re in Perth, Australia, don’t forget to ask Peter Taliangis for his special rates for readers of this column when you call him on: 0431 417 345 or 9313 9100 or e-mail

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