Time Management

Take The First Step

What’s holding you back? What do you have to do right now, that you know you have to do, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it? What project is sitting on your desk, calling to you, that you know would make your life better, but you just can’t do it? It feels like …

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Don't Be So Busy

It’s a strange phenomena you see every day: people will compete to show how busy they are. It’s like they attach a sense of significance to being busy. How many times have you answered the question “How is work/business?” with “really busy” or “flat out” as if that were the end goal? Isn’t the end …

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Time Management Tools

I use a couple of tools to manage my time – Simpleology and Action Machine. On Simpleology, I brainstorm the things I need to do each day and go through the daily target praxis. Once I

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