Tips for Selling Your House

This is a guest post by Real Estate Agent Peter Taliangis

What’s for sale in your area?

If you are thinking about selling your home it’s a good idea to see what is for sale in your area.

It may even pay you to walk through an open inspection or two. (If you don’t have time to go to open inspections, spend some time online checking out what is for sale in your area and try and find out what similar properties have sold for.)

It is important you understand the potential market value for your home before you get an appraisal.

Not every home is the same and the market and potential buyers will ultimately guide the price of your property.

What improvements should You make?

Before you spend money on expensive improvements to your home you should consider what are improvements that the market will value.

For example painting the house blue throughout on the inside might appeal to you and suit your decorations, but may make your house less attractive to people that don’t like blue. However converting a study into a bedroom with built in wardrobes makes the house more attractive – particularly if you go from a 3 bed x 2 bath – to a 4 bed x 2 bath. Adding a second bathroom is also important, with more people likely to buy a 3 bed, 2 bath than a 3 bed 1 bath.

If you’re in Perth, Australia, I can help you with an appraisal of your property and to help suggest property improvements. It is important to spend money wisely to improve the value of your property and the attractiveness to the market – please call Peter Taliangis on 9313 9100 or 0431 417 345 – ask me about my special offers.

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