Rebirth of Internet Marketing


I’ve just finished reading THE most incredible report ever! John Reese has finally come out with his report titled “Rebirth of Internet Marketing”. If you are at all involved with Internet Marketing, you need to go and read it right now. *Update: sorry, this is no longer available.

This report has completely changed how I view marketing. Reese talks about how unbelievably important top quality content is and how it will only become more so as the competition gets more intense.

As a result of reading this report, I’m going to restructure to be all the things I wish I had known before I started doing body building, rather than just a review of the programs I have bought and used. Oh, and that’s just the first step. There will eventually be changes to sites in some of my other markets.

It’s all about how you can serve people, rather than how much you can sell to them.

I’ll keep you updated.

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  1. hi well i was sitting at work thinking what you had just writen and what i am going to do with my life so i googled my name and got your site, i would really like to have a chat with you can i call you or cheack out my website and all my details are on there cheers mike haydon

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