Take The First Step

What’s holding you back? What do you have to do right now, that you know you have to do, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it? What project is sitting on your desk, calling to you, that you know would make your life better, but you just can’t do it?

It feels like a big block in your path, doesn’t it?

Thinking how you haven’t done it yet causes your shoulders to slump. “I know” you say “I know I have to get it done”, but a week later it’s still staring at you.

You do everything else, even things that are a complete waste of time, while all the time that project is clawing at your brain, making you feel miserable for not doing it. Some invisible force is stopping you from taking action.

The worst part is that you know you’ll enjoy doing it and you’ll get longlasting results from it.

You’ll also feel so much better, like a burden has been lifted from your mind, when it’s done.

So here’s the thing…

Don’t do it.

That’s right, don’t do it. Don’t even think about doing it.

Just figure out something small that you can do right now. Something that will only take you five minutes. Some tiny part of the project that doesn’t really even matter.

Stop whatever you’re doing (ok, finish reading this post first lol) and go do that little thing  as if your life depended on it.

It’ll only take 5 minutes.

You can go back to whatever you were doing once that’s done.

Oftentimes, that first step will be enough to break the hold of procrastination and allow you to move forward with the project. If so, go on and get stuck into it.

If not, that’s fine, set a timer for 1 hour and go back to what you were doing before.

When the timer goes off, do another 5 minute task. Rinse and repeat.

Keep going in this way until you either break through or you complete the project in 5 minute chunks.

Now, that feels better, doesn’t it?

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