What’s the Buzz about Ubiquity?

I was checking out the latest on Jack Humphrey’s site when I came across this post about Ubiquity.

Ubiquity is in my opinion the next quantum leap forward in browsing. While its still in its infancy, Ubiquity has massive potential for good AND evil.

What is it? Basically, it is an addon for Firefox (works on Windows, Mac & Linux) that allows you to do all those things that you thought “Why can’t my browser just… easily?” Check out the Ubiquity tutorial which is pretty much the same as the video embedded on Friday Traffic Report (see above), except that you can take your time to look at it properly.

I’ve installed it on my Windows Firefox 3 browser and have had no problems getting it to do exactly what i want. I’m thinking of writing a few apps for it, if I can think of any worth my time writing (suggestions welcome – leave a comment).

So, thanks Jack for letting us in on this one 🙂 What are you waiting for? Go install it already!

See The Buzz…
It’s crazy out there

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