Back on Track

It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve just been buffeted by the winds of life and got a little off course. Now I’ve done some serious thinking about the way my life is headed and, you know what? I’m not happy with it. The goal has always been to retire when I’m 35 …

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Rebirth of Internet Marketing

Wow! I’ve just finished reading THE most incredible report ever! John Reese has finally come out with his report titled “Rebirth of Internet Marketing”. If you are at all involved with Internet Marketing, you need to go and read it right now. *Update: sorry, this is no longer available. This report has completely changed how …

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World Cheese Toast Champions

The latest adventure in the lives of the “Three ordinary blokes” is the successful completion of the Cheese Toast eating competition for Sizzler’s Restaurants. The three ordinary blokes have invented the cheese toast championship by themselves and for themselves. They claim this entitles them to be called the “World Cheese Toast Champions“. I honestly don’t …

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On a more Recent Note

On a more recent note to some of my other postings, history was made on 17 October 2006, when Mike, Russ and Monty became the World Cheese Toast Champions. This is a coveted prize, which teams compete for year after year. To have won the championship and thus the adulation of their fans is a …

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