Are You Structured Or Unstructured?

Today I was filming a segment for a product I’m launching with Stephen De Sede.

I admit, I struggled at the beginning with direct-to-camera in a professional studio. It wasn’t that I was nervous (I wasn’t) or that I didn’t know what to say (we had discussed it). We didn’t have a script, which in hindsight was a mistake on my part.

It became very obvious I was struggling with the (lack of) structure, trying to remember the ever-changing order of the questions. When trying to answer three or four at a time, I just couldn’t handle it and froze.

Once we broke down the questions it was a piece of cake and we did it in (almost) one take.

It leads me to ponder structure…

While I’m tend to be very structured in my thinking, many other people (like Steve) are a lot less so. Each has their place and neither is better than the other. Our successful takes were when we were both clear on the objective and Steve, being the professional he is, stepped back from his less structured approach to help me out.

Structure seems to be more in degrees at particular points in time, rather than totally structured or totally unstructured. I find creativity flourishes when there is a lot less structure, whereas technical work shines under a higher degree of structure.

I wonder though, is your degree of structure something you’re born with that you can perhaps move a bit either way? Or does it come from your training? Can someone who used to be highly structured become a lot less so, or only a little less so? And vice, versa?

Does practicing more structured disciplines like classical piano, karate or technical drawing create a more structured personality?

What if you pursue a less structured activity like painting?

What would a totally structured personality look like? Perhaps a private in the Marines? How about unstructured? Maybe the stereotypical “Hippie”.

Now we know why the soldiers and hippies of the 1960s didn’t get on 🙂

How structured are you in your approach to different activities? Have you even noticed?

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