Kickstart 2011

Here are some great free resources I came across recently that will really help you get 2011 off to a flying start.

Focus: A Simplicity Manifesto In The Age of Distraction

This is a fantastic ebook by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and Mnmlist.

There is both a free, uncopyrighted book and a paid version. The paid version has a whole lot of bonuses. My recommendation is to get the free one, then if you like it and want to dig deeper into it, upgrade later.

The ebook is all about removing distractions, paring down to the things that have the most impact on your life, shutting off phones, twitter, facebook & email for periods of time, and focusing on the present. If I could sum it up in one sentence it would be:

“Do one thing at a time and do it to the best of your ability.”

This book has helped me immensly already both in my life and in my business. It’s a practical book drawing from Leo’s extensive thinking and writing on the topic.

Ok, I’ll wrap it up there. Just go get it. It’s free and will change your life.

It’s available at:

8 Mindsets For Creating Change

This is a video post by Derek Franklin. The first seven are at: The 8th (which incidentally ties in beautifully with the Focus Manifesto) is here.

It continues the theme from Focus Manifesto on reducing (not eliminating, just reducing) your consumption of news, social media, etc and instead focusing on creating more. Creation being writing, painting, speaking; basically just expressing yourself more.

In today’s Age of Distraction, if we drink from the “information firehose” for too long, we can become overwhelmed with information. We become takers, rather than givers, which is not a long term option.

Every one of us has unique and significant contributions for the world that many others would value.

Why I’m Recommending These

This video and the Focus Manifesto are responsible for my change on this site from SEO, social marketing, twitter, “improving your online presence” to a more success focus. Those posts belong on another of my sites, SEO Perth. I believe it’s time for me to share what I have learned so far (and continue to learn) about how to live a more productive, “successful” life, whatever that means. Even if no-one is interested in hearing my thoughts, I believe expressing them will help me personally. So yes, it’s purely selfish 🙂

Happy New Year!

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