Overhaul of MikeHaydon.com

In my continual quest for excellence, I have realized the purpose for which I was attempting to use www.MikeHaydon.com is no longer optimal.

As 2010 clicks over to 2011, I am overhauling this site.

Around half of the posts have been permanently moved to http://seoperth.net.au.

Through the month of January 2011, www.MikeHaydon.com will be converted from talking about my work and will be more about my thoughts. Articles on SEO, website design, social media and wordpress have already been moved to SEO Perth. I’ll also be modernizing the design.

www.MikeHaydon.com will become more about focus, success, time management and living a better quality of life. These are topics I am just as passionate about as SEO, etc. I couldn’t really talk about both because they are aimed at two different (though often overlapping) audiences and I didn’t want to split my focus.

So if you click a link on this www.MikeHaydon.com and it takes you to SEOPerth.net.au, I’m sorry if it’s a little jumpy. It’s a temporary solution while the search engines work out where it’s moved. In time I’ll take the posts down from here and setup the redirects just from .htaccess. Any links you’ve done to any of the posts will still work – they’ll just 301 (permanent) redirect to SEO Perth.

It’s been a major rethink, but I believe it’s for the best.

Thanks for your patience during this transition period.

2011 is going to be AWESOME!

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