Turn Off The Television

The Television is the most efficient productivity and creativity killer on the planet. Why do so many people spend so much time watching tv? Is it because they want to just flop down and relax with the tv doing all the work of entertaining them? But are you really entertained while watching television, or are …

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I sang for a wedding today and they had one of the most beautiful descriptions of marriage I’ve ever heard. I’ve written it out below for you to enjoy. Whether or not you are married, remember that marriage is a lifelong partnership between two best friends. It is an institution that has stood for thousands …

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Don't Be So Busy

It’s a strange phenomena you see every day: people will compete to show how busy they are. It’s like they attach a sense of significance to being busy. How many times have you answered the question “How is work/business?” with “really busy” or “flat out” as if that were the end goal? Isn’t the end …

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